All About Custom Outdoor Signs in Folsom

Custom Outdoor Signs
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What options do you have for custom outdoor signs in Folsom? How do you get quality signs, that withstand the weather, make the right first impression for your business, and help drive sales? In this short guide, we’ll outline your options and how to get the right outdoor business signs for you.

Attract Customers And Boost Sales

Why spend time finding just the right outdoor signs for your business? It’s because well-designed, outdoor signs turn people who are just passing by into customers. They also boost brand awareness and create a public identity for your business that draws people in.

Well-designed outdoor signs will communicate the essential characteristics of your business, and what your business does. Perhaps you’re a car dealership with the best deals, a restaurant with the most romantic atmosphere or a charity with the biggest heart. It’s not enough for customers to know what you do; they need to know how you do it, and outdoor signs help you make that message clear.

Types Of Outdoor Signs

There are many types of outdoor signs that can be used in different situations, for different purposes. Which is right for you?

  • A-Frame Signs: These signs communicate a lot of information, like menus or sale details.
  • Post and Panel Signs: These are more permanent signs that announce your business.
  • Banners: Banners are best for seasonal or sales events.  They can be hung from your storefront.
  • Wayfinding Signs: Help customers find your front door or the parking lot with these signs.
  • Monument Signs: Imposing and permanent, monument signs make a big impression.
  • Fascia Signs: Every business needs a sign on the fascia or the “face” of your storefront.
  • Pylon Signs: Pylon signs grab attention and can be placed in tight spots, like road medians.

Businesses often combine multiple outdoor business sign types to help convey their message. Location matters too. For example, A-frame signs are great to place at storefronts in areas with heavy foot traffic. Monument signs work better for businesses that are far from the roadside.

Develop An Outdoor Sign Strategy

We can help you choose the right kinds of signs to pair together and make the most of your unique location. Our talented designers will make your brand message an irresistible sight. Choose us as your partner for custom outdoor signs.

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