Different Ways of Hanging a Vinyl Banner

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Banners are a cost-effective and quick solution to display temporary messages. They are mostly seen at events or outside retail stores. For a vinyl banner to be effective, it must be designed well and placed at the right location. A well-designed banner contains a message that is eye-catching and fonts that are readable from a distance. As banners are generally placed above eye-level to ensure more visibility, it becomes vital that they are placed in such a way that they can be seen by many different angles and from a distance as well. Before hanging a banner, some factors should be considered:

  • Will it be hanged in the air, mounted on a wall or tied to the ground?
  • What will be the weather conditions?
  • Is it going to be windy?
  • How long it will be displayed?

By analyzing these factors, one can make the next decision of gathering the equipment that will be needed to place the banner. Some commonly used equipment is the Bungee cord, Rope, PVC pipe, Screws.

How to hang a vinyl banner from a wall with a bungee cord?

Bungee cords are tried and trusted well to be used to hang banners. The elasticity allows even distribution of the weight and prevents the damage that can occur through heavy winds. In case you are planning to hang the banner indoors, it is still advised to use bungee cords instead of ropes as they exert less pressure on grommeted areas. This prevents vinyl banners from wrinkles and ensures a smooth appearance.

Mounting a banner to a wall with screws

In some situations, hanging a banner is not an option. The alternative is to fix it across the wall. When doing that the most important thing is to make sure that grommeted areas stay flat against the wall, else it can damage the banner or hamper the smooth finish. In some cases, permissions are required to drill the walls (make sure you have that) and next you just have to put a washer against the grommeted area and drive the screw in to fix the banner.

Fixing a banner into the ground with lawn stakes

If there are no solid anchors to hang your banner, you can use lawn stakes to provide the required stability to mount the banner through the ground. Depending on the weather conditions and the size of the banner, you can use one, two or more stakes to make sure your banner stays in the correct position.

Whether it’s a store opening, tradeshow or a small event, banners are the quick and affordable option to display temporary messages. With these mounting options, you can make sure that your message is being displayed correctly. If you are still not sure, just give a call to a sign company near you and get professional assistance.

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