How Channel Letters Can Improve Your Outdoor Advertising

Channel Letters
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Channel letters are an extremely popular advertising option. Some of the most recognizable brands around the world such as Starbucks, UPS and Google use channel letters to great effect for promoting their products and services.

At their simplest, channel letters are simply letters cut out of aluminum, or made out of plastic, and mounted on an unlit back plate. At the other extreme, each letter is a self-contained unit with its own lighting and custom mounting. In other words, these outdoor signs are extremely versatile and can be used to suit your business’ promotion needs.

If you want your business to trend on social media, have customers take selfies with a quirky channel letter sign.

Types of channel letters

Though channel letters come in many different configurations, there are three basic tents to channel letters that you should understand:

  • Open and closed face.
  • Front lit and halo lit LED signs.
  • Self-standing or plate mounted.

Using these three basic configuration options indoor and outdoor signs can be customized immensely. It’s not just businesses that make use of channel letter signs, they have proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool as well. The flexibility in design allows realizing creativity in sign design, and helps make customer experience a lot more memorable.

Benefits of channel letter signs

Investing in any type of sign has to be a business decision. That is, it must deliver the kind of return on investment that makes sense for you.

Some of the biggest brands in the world use channel letters for promotional activity.

Some of the best examples of channel letters are signs installed:

  1. Above the frontage.
  2. On a plinth or as a monument sign.
  3. Halo lit, front lit or both.

All these installations accomplish the same thing: maximizing your brand’s visibility.

Visibility – Channel letters will typically be bigger than two-dimensional signs of the same height and width simply because they have physical depth to them. That makes them much more visible to passers-by. Whether the sign is well lit or not, its shape will ensure that it stands out.

Distinctiveness – Because there is so much advertising noise all around, people have become attuned to ignoring most promotional signage. It takes something special to capture attention and channel letters always do that. Remember the ‘I Love NY’ promotions? It doesn’t matter if you have a t-shirt with the logo, everyone remembers that iconic channel letter sign.

Shine brightly – It’s not enough to have LED signs, your signs need to shine brighter. Make your channel letters really stand out with lighting. In fact, channel letters can be configured with individually controlled lighting so you can rotate colors, turn off some letters or even have a light show of your own!

Bang for buck? Channel letters give you a real edge for your marketing dollars.

More, you ask? Here are some more benefits of channel letter signs:

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Custom designed for your needs.
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors.
  • LEDs are energy efficient.

It’s essential that your channel letter signs are designed and built by a team that cares. Works closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

Contact us today to get started on your next channel letter sign!

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