Learn How Monument Signs Help Business Advertising

Monument Signs
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You may be most familiar with monument signs as church signs. They are those large signs near the roadside at churches that have display a few words. Or, more modern monument signs may display a whole digital image. There’s a lot of room for creativity with monument signs, but does that really translate to advertising boosts for businesses? Yes! Let’s discuss why monument signs will boost your advertising efforts.

Roadside Traffic

While most exterior business signs are on your building itself, monument signs have the advantage of being placed closer to the roadside. For businesses that are back from the road, this can be a big advantage. You attract more attention from the people driving by and remind them of where your business is located.

Creative Messaging

You can choose any kind of message to display on your monument sign. That allows you to pick a message that best reflects your business. You can send out holiday greetings, promote sales events, and even ask questions of your potential customers that gets them thinking about your products and services. The options are endless, and that allows you to experiment and find a message that works best for you.

Variety Gets Attention

Think about church signs. How often do you drive by and wonder what message the church is sending today? Your ability to change your monument sign message whenever you want helps drive curiosity about your business. People may start looking forward to driving by and finding out what funny quip or interesting message your business is displaying today.

Monument Signs From Sign Source Solution

While monument signs boost your advertising efforts, they offer many other benefits, including building your brand presence and helping customer locate businesses that are hidden from the road. We can customize your monument sign to best match you. We offer monument signs and many other sign types to businesses

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