Monument Signs – How They Make Your Business Stand Out!

Monument Signs
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Is a monument sign right for my business?” That’s a question we are asked frequently. Monument signs have long had an elegant appeal about them. There is something about a monument sign that suggests ‘established’ and ‘credible’.

As far as custom outdoor signs go, monument designs are by far some of the most prominent too. They really draw attention to your establishment and make you stand out from your competitors.

What is a monument sign?

As the name suggests, monument signs are essentially landmarks. They are freestanding and placed some distance away from the establishment. In one way, they are an extension of your business because they aren’t mounted above the front door; nor are they placed right beside the entrance, typically.

Unlike pylon signs, which are 15 feet and taller, monument signs are placed on the ground or elevated only a few feet.

What are monument signs made of?

The façade of a monument sign can be made of any number of materials. They can be custom wood signs, stone, metal, bricks or stucco. You can even choose to install lighting for your sign – advisable since it gets dark much earlier in the winter months.

How monument signs make your business stand out

Monument signs are wonders at making your business stand out. We mentioned above that they give your business a much stronger image, but that’s just one benefit. These custom outdoor signs have a lot more to offer.

Prominence – Monument signs are no shrinking violets. They capture attention like nothing else. Whether someone is walking past or driving by, your clients and customers will definitely notice your sign. Make sure to use high contrast lettering to really make your business and brand stand out.

Memorable finish – Monument designs are not all the same. Business owners have cleverly used custom wood signs or metal finishes to reflect their business and offerings. If, for instance, you want to advertise a country western eatery, a wooden sign with ‘wild west’ motifs can work well.

Display board – Opt for changeable letters and you can use your sign to display short term promotions too. Whether it’s special offers or the offerings of the day, text can be changed easily. In fact, become regular with updating messages and people will make it a habit of coming to see your sign – and frequenting your business!

Local landmarks – It is common for monument signs to become local landmarks. When people say, “turn right at the ABC sign”, it may not seem like much, but you have achieved something thousands of business cannot – top of mind recall. Your business name is now in the consciousness of prospective customers. How essential that is for buying decisions tilting in your favour simply cannot be understated.

Make sure your monument sign is remembered for the right reason. We have built hundreds of custom outdoor signs. Our team employs the latest technologies to ensure you receive a monument sign of extremely high quality, with cutting-edge features. Want LED lighting in your sign? Want to display motion pictures? Or do you just want a sign that exudes solidity? We do it all.

Contact us today to get contemporary design ideas for your monument sign.

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