Tips To Maintain Your Vehicle Wrap

Custom Vehicle Wrap
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We use top-quality vinyl for our vehicle wraps. It should last a long time, but if you maintain your car wrap carefully you can get even more mileage out of it. Of course, the longer your custom vinyl wrap lasts the more advertising work it’ll do for you, and the better your overall return on investment.

So how do you keep your wrap shiny and looking like new? Here are our maintenance top tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes people make when trying to clean their vehicle wrap:

1. Don’t Use A Pressure Washer

We get it, using a pressure washer to clean anything is satisfying. The dirt just disappears! However, powerful streams of water can cause damage to your vehicle wrap, tearing it or pulling it away from the body of the vehicle.

If you’re tempted to use a pressure washer at least keep the pressure under 2000 psi. Know what’s better than a powerful stream of water trying to knock your wrap off along with grime? Soap and gentle scrubbing.

2. Use Your Soap Wisely

You can buy special soaps for cleaning vehicle wraps, and these are obviously the best choice if you want your wrap to last if possible. However, you can use gentle dish soap instead. All you need to do is add it to a bucket of water and work it to develop suds before you apply it to the vehicle. Don’t put dish soap directly on the wrap. Better yet, use quality car soap and you’ll save your wrap and your clear coat.

3. Choose A Soft Scrubber

Hard brushes and sponges can create tears in your vehicle wrap, especially if you’re harsh with them. So, choose a soft cloth, foam sponge, or microfiber cloth to clean your vehicle instead. Do not try to scratch grime off. Instead, let the car wrap soak in your soapy water to help remove tough dirt. Clean regularly to avoid staining.

Have Questions About Vehicle Wraps?

We can create an eye-catching custom vinyl wrap for you. Our specialists will show you how to best maintain it to help it last even longer. Reach out to our expert sign consultants with your questions today.

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