Top 6 Types Of Indoor Signs And Their Importance For Businesses

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When a visitor/would-be customer walks into an office or a retail store, their first interaction is with the brand is through interior signs. Most business owners tend to give priority to outdoor business signs as they bring in customers to the facility which improves the odds to generate more revenue. But, in this trans, they ignore the importance of custom interior signs. They help visitors to navigate through the facility with ease and create more opportunities for branding. Indoor signs also improve the overall visual aesthetics which creates a lively working environment for the staff members.

There are different types of interior signs with each of them having a specific purpose and impact on a business. Indoor signs are important for a business and they must be included in the overall marketing mix. To get the most out of them it is advisable to hire a professional sign company as they have the necessary experience and expertise to help brands achieve their business goals.

Here are the 6 major types of Interior Signs

Custom ADA Signs – The term ADA stands for Americans With Disabilities Act. As per the act, it is mandatory by law for every business to comply with ADA guidelines while installing indoor signs in their facilities. ADA compliance means that all signs which direct or indicate public facilities or places that are accessible to the public should follow ADA guidelines so that everyone (including people with disabilities) can navigate smoothly. Some of these signs are bathroom signs, lift signs, elevator ramps, restrooms which are wheelchair compatible and so on.

Custom Lobby Signs – Lobby is the first thing where the visitors come and stops before heading to their desired location. This provides an opportunity for the brands to make a positive impression and guide them in the right direction. Lobby signs signify how serious and professional a brand is about its business.

Custom Wall Graphics – The main objective of wall graphics is to improve the interior décor of an office or a retail store. With limitless design options available, custom wall graphics is a great tool for creating a strong brand image and communicating the brand’s message. They also make a business look professional and improves the working environment.

Custom Window Graphics – Windows have evolved with time. From the source of sunlight and fresh air, windows nowadays are used for improving the interiors and sometimes as a partition wall. Custom window graphics adds new life to the facility as they offer opportunities to display the brand’s logo, message, and some wayfinding signs.

Custom Channel Letter Signs – If you are looking for an attractive business sign to display crucial information to the visitors, custom channel letter signs should be your first choice. Mostly, they are used as outdoor signs to showcase a brand’s name but since they can be illuminated, they are a very attractive option to be used as indoor signs as well. They have multiple lighting options and are also capable of presenting a 3D halo effect.

Custom Wayfinding Signs – One of the most important features of indoor business signs is guiding visitors in the right direction and enable fluid navigation. Custom wayfinding signs are designed for that purpose. They provide information about nearby restrooms, emergency exits, conference halls, personal cabins and more. It is mandatory by law that all wayfinding signage should be ADA compliant.

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